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Premprakash Singh

Software Developer, Mumbai

Hi, I am Premprakash Singh, a Software Developer from Mumbai, India. I am a learner who loves to code and attending tech meetups. I am a freecodecamper and a member of Chingu cohort as well (Bearded Dragon June cohort & Chingu-voyage cohort) and a newbie in open source development.

I am currently working at Speedbox. I mostly write Javascript and do Web development, both frontend and backend. I am passionate about coding. Besides programming i love to watch comedy movies and web series and spending time with my friends. I explore different areas of technologies on weekends and love to attend tech meetups.

MeetupBot For Slack

MeetupBot is a Slack bot which gives you list of meetups going on nearby your location. Built Using Nodejs.

FCC Recipebox

Freecodecamp's Recipe Box Project Using React.js and Local Storage.

FCC Wikipedia Viewer

Freecodecamp's Wikipedia viewer project using Wikipedia API.

FCC Random Quote Machine

Freecodecamp's Random Quote Machine Project Using Random Famous Quotes API.

FCC Camper Leaderboard

Freecodecamp's Camper leader board project using React.js and Freecodecamp API.

Bar Chart Data Visualization

Freecodecamp's Bar Chart Data Visualization Project Using D3.JS